What is Christian Finance

Christian Finance is a Biblically based concept to help teach believers their stewardship duties and to be a responsible Christian investor with their money. They teach Christian financial principles such as goals, budgeting, debt elimination, saving, financial management, tithing, and giving.

Why should a Christian investor consider having a Christian finance and hiring a Christian Financial service professional?

Having your finances managed by a Christian Finance professional that understands and applies Biblical truths can help you become a better and more effective steward with God’s resources. The main reason is because the investor and advisor are both Christians, they share similar values. The advisor understands Biblical principles such as tithing, budgeting, debt reduction, saving, investing and giving. After the initial interview process of numerous financial related questions, the financial advisor can identify areas of improvement for the client.

Having your Christian finances managed by a financial professional that utilizes Biblical truths can give you a peace-of-mind with your finances. If you are in debt and can only make minimum monthly payments, the last thing you need is another loan. What you need is someone to help – you need a debt management program and that’s exactly the right moment to go in for Christian Finance. The debt management programs pairs you with a Debt Repayment Representative who will work with you and your creditors to lower your interest rates, reduce late fees, and bring your accounts up to date. You will begin making one lower monthly payment and pay off your debts years sooner than on your own. People involved in debt management companies typically pay off their debts in just 3-6 years!

To have a good Christian Finance record and program, it is necessary to have a good Christian Counsel. To find a good counsel there are two important areas to consider.

1.The first is how they are compensated. It is very difficult to receive unbiased advice from someone who is trying to sell a financial product. So, an obvious limitation that Christians should easily recognize is whether the people giving them Christian Finance advice are actually giving wise advice or just a sales pitch. It is always recommended to seek a fee-only financial planner or investment advisor that is also a believer of Christ.

2.The second part is to find Christian Finance counselors with like minds, attitudes and principles. Many financial advisors who profess to be Christians live lifestyle that are far from Christ-like. Likewise there are those who are very good Christians, but they have no knowledge or wisdom concerning the biblical principles of finance

The best method for locating good Christian Finance counsel is from other Christians who have received similar help or consultation in the past. This could be fellow church attendees, pastors, or Christian businesspeople. Additionally, this type of information could perhaps be found at Christian professional associations, societies, and organizations, both locally and nationally.

Without a doubt, good Christian Finance counsel is available for all who seek such counsel. But prayer, wisdom, and caution must be foremost in order to select the most qualified counselors and those whose lives and expertise conform to God’s will for the lives of the counselees.