Credit Counseling

Credit counselling is a form of debt consolidation that anyone can get from a credit counselling firm or even your local bank. As the number one alternative for debt consolidation loans and bankruptcy – credit counselling means having or making a financial plan that works for your personal situation. So if you are finding that paying your monthly bills is getting a bit overwhelming, you should consider credit counselling before you file for bankruptcy.

Why is Bankruptcy Bad?

Bankruptcy can seem to be a best way out of an overwhelming debt situation – but you should consider all your options before resorting to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy affects your credit rating for quite some time. Though the reason one claims bankruptcy is because they can’t afford their bills, ironically, it costs money to go bankrupt. So even though it seems bankruptcy is the answer, make sure there isn’t a better way before you go entertain bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a very common way to deal with financial distress. In a typical debt consolidation, existing debts and mortgage payments are consolidated into payment. Sometimes you can even negotiate a lower interest rate. For most, however, the term “Debt Consolidation Loan” is what people think of when wanting to get out of debt.

Consolidation Loan

You can approach a bank or financial institution about combining or “consolidating” your debts into one loan. Consolidating your debts into one loan often means paying only one bill instead of several. Even better, you get rid of any collecting companies that call you night and day to create even more stress on your situation. The bank pays off the outstanding debts and you instead owe one lump sum to the bank directly.

Getting quality credit counselling is critical in order to understand how to get out of debt. You can contact a credit counselling firm that specializes in debt consolidation. Or you can make an appointment with a financial advisor at your bank – it’s free. It really is possible to take back control of your finances with a little advice on how to handle money.