Lets You Handle Finances Efficiently

In simple terms, counseling implies advising. In the same manner, debt counseling implies advising the person regarding his debt problem. Now a days various agencies provides debt counseling to a person who More »

Credit Counseling

Specialists advise to contact your creditors immediately when you face difficulties paying your bills. It’s necessary to tell them the truth about why it has become difficult for you to meet payments. More »

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Credit

Credit counseling is an option for individuals whose personal finances have gotten to the point where they have buried themselves financially, either through lack of financial discipline, or from external circumstances out More »

Credit Counseling

Credit counselling is a form of debt consolidation that anyone can get from a credit counselling firm or even your local bank. As the number one alternative for debt consolidation loans and More »

Credit Counseling

For many Americans, credit card debt is a part of everyday life. According to an April 2009 Nilson report, the average American household carried $8,329 of credit card debt in 2008. However, More »

Credit Counseling

Credit counselling is a form of debt consolidation that anyone can get from a credit counselling firm or even your local bank. As the number one alternative for debt consolidation loans and bankruptcy – credit counselling means having or making a financial plan that works for your personal situation. So if you are finding that paying your monthly bills is getting a bit overwhelming, you should consider credit counselling before you file for bankruptcy.

Why is Bankruptcy Bad?

Bankruptcy can seem to be a best way out of an overwhelming debt situation – but you should consider all your options before resorting to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy affects your credit rating for quite some time. Though the reason one claims bankruptcy is because they can’t afford their bills, ironically, it costs money to go bankrupt. So even though it seems bankruptcy is the answer, make sure there isn’t a better way before you go entertain bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a very common way to deal with financial distress. In a typical debt consolidation, existing debts and mortgage payments are consolidated into payment. Sometimes you can even

Credit Counseling Services

People are finally taking issues of finance seriously. The ongoing debt crisis has caused a severe jolt to millions of people who are hoping for a speedy recovery. An effective finance management is mandatory, whether or not there is a crisis. It is always important to have a grip over your finances so that it does not take complete control over you at rough times. If one is running a risk in making regular payments, credit counseling service can help to order the finances in a better way.

A lot of people have the tendency to make use of credit cards extensively. It may be quite a fantasy in the beginning but trust me; the interest levies going to eat you up. When debt burden is huge, stop using credit cards and immediately seek help from a professional credit counseling service organization. Make sure not to bump into one of those fake ones who simply claim to be non-profit organizations but are not. A genuine credit counseling service is a voluntary help offered for the financial betterment of people. They mainly evaluate your income and expenditure pattern along with current

Credit Counseling Organizations

Credit counseling organizations offer service to help consumers to handle debt problems. It’s a form of help to those consumers who try to squeeze out some additional money from their budgets each month to make payments on debts. There are thousand of customers who run through credit counseling service and finally became debt free because reputable credit counseling services provide good credit counseling and debt management advice to their clients. There are a wide range of services offered on the telephone, Internet. So, you can choose what you prefer and what will suit you best. Many people consider in-personal communication the best way of dealing with financial problems. Credit counseling companies realize this approach when provide their service through local offices.

You definitely know someone who had problems with debt and was lucky to solve them. So, it will be reasonable to start asking these people they did it and where they turned for help. Such personal recommendations will be of great value to you.

Normally, credit counseling companies work with unsecured debt. The most common financial problem that customers turn to credit counseling companies is credit cards

Lets You Handle Finances Efficiently

In simple terms, counseling implies advising. In the same manner, debt counseling implies advising the person regarding his debt problem. Now a days various agencies provides debt counseling to a person who is facing problem in managing his debts.

Before the debt problem becomes more severe, the person requires a good advice to overcome the debt problem. These debt counseling agencies help the person to become debt free and also make them aware of factors, which are responsible for building up of the debts such as overspending, use of credit cards etc.

It is recommended to person burdened with debt, to go for debt counseling services. Sometimes it has been seen that the people go for various plans of consolidating their debts without having any professional advice. If by chance, the plans suits the person then it’s well and good, but if it doesn’t suit the person, needs and requirements, then it can put the person to even worst condition than before. So it’s better, not to take any chance with your credit position and your finances.

Today most of the debt consolidation agencies provide free counseling session to all its customers. In these sessions,

Credit Counseling

Specialists advise to contact your creditors immediately when you face difficulties paying your bills. It’s necessary to tell them the truth about why it has become difficult for you to meet payments. If they see your sincere wish to cope with hardships as well as with the debt it will be easier for you to work out a modified payment plan that will make your payments lower to some extent. Debt experts also say there’s no good waiting till your accounts will occur at a debt collector’s hands. This may become a point when your creditors “have given up on you”. To avoid this grief you need to obtain definite knowledge about debt and money management.

Unfortunately, most ordinary people lack this kind of knowledge. What common people know is that debts can be of two types – unsecured or secured. Secured debts are those which have been tied to an asset. The assets can also be of different kinds – it may be your car for a car loan, or your house for a mortgage. In the case you stop making payments, lenders have the right to repossess your car or foreclose on your house. Unsecured

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Credit

Credit counseling is an option for individuals whose personal finances have gotten to the point where they have buried themselves financially, either through lack of financial discipline, or from external circumstances out of their control. A reputable credit counseling agency should be experienced in finance and be staffed by professionally trained credit counselors.

Government approved credit counseling agencies by law are non-profit companies, meaning that their primary concern is their mission to assist those in need rather than to make a profit. Not all credit counseling companies offer the same services and although are primarily non-profit, they do not charge the same fees. Be sure to ask what services they offer before deciding which agency to work with.

Quality credit counselors will offer the following services:

Consumer Credit Counseling

They should offer at least one, preferably more, counseling sessions in which they advice you regarding your specific financial situation and the steps you need to take to improve circumstance. Areas covered should include, but may not be limited to budgeting, money management, credit usage, home purchasing plans (if you do not own a home), and personal savings goals.

Consumer Finance Education


Credit Counseling

For many Americans, credit card debt is a part of everyday life. According to an April 2009 Nilson report, the average American household carried $8,329 of credit card debt in 2008. However, consumer debt and interest can add up quickly, get out of control, and leave you with many unanswered questions. But getting out of debt is not a hopeless cause.

There are circumstances like job loss and unexpected medical expenses that can lead to unmanageable debt. But more often than not, debt problems, particularly credit card debt, arise from not understanding personal finance and not having a manageable budget. When debt gets out of control, counseling is often needed to develop a system to pay your debts, save money and live without acquiring more credit card debt. Regardless of how your finances become unbalanced, you could benefit from legitimate credit counseling if you are:

  • paying bills late or have to pick and choose which bills to pay
  • spending all of your income without adding to savings in order to help cover expenses that would otherwise be financed later
  • making the minimum monthly payments due to creditors
  • behind on payments
  • sinking deeper into debt
  • considering bankruptcy

Credit counseling does not

What is the Best Way to Escape Debt

Three options exist for those who wish to resolve their debts, and troubled finances: Debt settlement, bankruptcy, and credit and debt counseling services. Troubled economies have become pandemic, spreading throughout the world, and causing rising consumer debt, and troubled finances. High debts, unsettled credit, and financial liabilities trouble millions of Americans. Many men, and women are forced to make a difficult choice: debt settlement, or bankruptcy. Nearly 1.6 million Americans decided in the year 2003 that they could not address their financial difficulties, or inability to maintain proper finances by filing bankruptcy; instead, they jeopardized the veracity of their credit, rather than settled their accounts–possibly, hurting their ability to fulfill, and prepare for future needs.

One must understand the difference between debt settlement, and bankruptcy: Whether one’s troubled financial situation, and questions are the results of illness, unemployment, divorce, or, simply, excessive spending, settling one’s debts is an exasperating experience that should be carefully considered. One should consider the former before filing for bankruptcy if one’s debts have decreased, and finances have improved.

One cannot, properly, make this decision without understanding the bases for such decisions that address troubled financial situations. Consider, for example, debt settlement:

Credit Counseling In Special Finance

One of the most important roles a special finance manager can have is that of “Credit Counselor’. Most of the time, we talk about counseling your “no sales” or turndowns, in an effort to hold on to them and possibly sell them a vehicle later on, after they have “refreshed” their credit. A proactive approach to this concept is taking on the role of credit counselor in order to sell these customers a vehicle now, during the sales presentation. Doing so will help you control the process, keeping the customer focused on the “credit decision” and away from the “product decision” until you are ready to do so. Taking a credit counselor demeanor with these customers will also help set and keep their expectation reasonable.

While bad credit may be obvious to someone who looks at credit reports all day, many times a customer may not realize what their credit issues may be. Credit counseling is an effective way to maintain control of the special finance sales process. If the process is done correctly, an applicant’s expectations will be kept at a reasonable level.

So first of all, what exactly is bad credit? Numerous types of

Should Premarital Counseling

This is one that I was excited to discuss because when people think of premarital counseling, usually it focuses on the emotional aspect, compatibility but not necessarily in-depth finances. I recall last year that a bride-to-be came to me at a bridal show and stated that she had gone through premarital counseling, yet the one area she did not feel comfortable about was finances. It was not something that was really discussed.

In my opinion, if you are going to attend premarital counseling, I believe it is the responsibility of the brides and grooms to make sure that finances is a part of that premarital counseling session(s). Let’s face it we all know that money is one of the top reasons for divorce. That alone says we need to talk about money more, the good and the bad.

Regardless of our economy, when premarital counseling is provided I believe various aspects of money should be discussed including bankruptcy. Not saying it is impossible to find someone that has never been married before, but it is probably rare that you would end up at the altar with someone that has not had a credit card, student loan

Do You Know Where to Find Free Debt Counseling

Debt counseling services can assist with a new budget, or finding money within your old budget. Debt counseling services can provide expert advice from financial experts, free of charge to people that are struggling with the finances and even help consumers to realize that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel of debt. Where can you find these free debt or credit counseling services?

The first place that you should look for information about debt counseling services that are available in your area is the internet. Through the internet, through government and non-for-profit organizations you can obtain information about how to set up a consultation with a personal finance expert working for the free debt counseling organizations.

Through the internet, there is a wealth of information that is available. You can compare the various services that are offered through free debt counseling services and you can ensure that you are able to find reviews and other information that can help you to make your decision. Seeking information from a variety of forums and other consumers that have taken part in the debt counseling process can help to choose services which are best suited

Finding the Right Credit Counseling

Habitually spending more than what you earn will obviously lead you to a catastrophic financial situation. This is especially true if you use your credit cards without tracking your expenditure versus your income. Your problems will come to fore once your bills pile up and you realize that you have no knowledge on how to properly manage your own finances.

One of the best tools to address these issues is the engagement of a credit counseling service that can assist you in regaining your financial bearings. But their expertise will not make any difference unless you also make drastic changes in your spending habits. Concentrate on being able to control the urge to splurge and becoming mindful of the expenses charged as against the income you earn per month. Fiscal restraint should be ingrained in you in order to correct the errant behavior that led you to this financial crisis from the outset.

When do you engage the services of an expert? The first step on the road to recovery is the realization that there is a problem and you are in dire straits. The normal signs include the inability to pay minimum credit card bills,

Facts About Credit Counseling

If you find yourself struggling to pay off all your debts and managing your personal finances, don’t feel so miserable and think that you are alone. The truth is a lot of people are facing the same financial problems as you. Those who have given up trying to manage their own finances on their own are opting to receive some credit counseling. Generally speaking, credit counseling is just like any kind of professional counseling, which is offered by several financial organizations with the aim to assist borrowers in properly repaying all the debts they have accumulated.

Credit counseling plays a huge role in the development of a borrower’s ability and discipline to manage his or her finances, which then leads to their success in overcoming their debt burden. What this type of counseling does is allow the borrowers to pay their debts with monthly payments in the most convenient manner possible, in terms of the amount and the term of repayment. Thus, credit counseling is required for people who are having a hard time figuring out all their debts with all the different lenders.

There are a lot of companies offering credit counseling services these days.

Things to Expect From a Credit Counseling

So, you have finally decided to enroll in a counseling program offered by a reputable credit counseling agency in your locality. You decided to do this so that you can resolve your credit problems once-and-for-all.

Still, you want to know what you can expect from your very first counseling session. To help you in this matter, allow us to run you through three major steps usually undertaken by finance experts and their clients in debt relief guide programs.

Three Steps in Debt Relief Programs

1. Getting and Verification of Contact Information – Before your financial situation will be analyzed, you will be requested by the finance specialist to provide personal and contact information. The certified counselor of the credit counseling agency will ask you to write down your complete name, address and phone number, office contact details, and other relevant information. Aside from these, you may also be asked to provide additional documents such as citizenship papers, company ID’s, and passport that can vouch for your identity. This step is vital since it allows the debt relief guide provider to verify your identity.

2. Reviewing of Your Monthly Finances – After gathering your personal

Counseling Certificates Could Be Given Despite Lack of Understanding

HECM counseling is a requirement that applicants must fulfill before they can take out a reverse mortgage. The purpose of this counseling session, which can be completed either face to face or over the phone, is to ensure that potential revere mortgage borrowers fully understand the requirements of the loan and the potential outcomes that the loan can have. During the session, the counselor discusses the applicant’s budget, current mortgage balance, terms of the loan, disbursement options and alternatives to a reverse mortgage in case a better type of financing would better fit that individual’s needs. At the end of the session, the counselor provides a certificate to the applicant that shows that he or she completed the session. The certificate is supposed to also show that the applicant fully understands reverse mortgages and what they require, but now that may not always be the case.

Reverse Mortgage Comprehension May Not Be Necessary to Secure a Certificate

As part of the new HECM counseling protocols that will soon be announced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, financial counselors will no longer be able to withhold financial counseling certificates from applicants, even if they believe

Is Bankruptcy The Answer To Your Debt And Personal Finance

As unpleasant as most people find the idea, there are situations involving debt and personal finance that simply cannot be remedied through cost cutting and extra jobs. Perhaps your or your spouse has experienced a lengthy period of unemployment, or there have been huge medical bills to deal with. The mortgage company is threatening to foreclose on your home, the bank wants to repossess your car, and the phone rings non-stop from people calling to collect past due payments on your credit cards. No matter how hard you have tried, you have made little progress in solving your personal finance problems. In such scenarios, bankruptcy may be your best choice.

Before you decide, however, you might want to consult with a credit counseling service. These agencies can work with your creditors and usually get them to reduce or waive interest, cycle accounts to get them current, and get your payments reduced. Staff at these agencies is well versed in all areas of personal finance, and they can often find a solution to your debt problems that does not involve bankruptcy.

A credit counseling service will want you to make a serious commitment to getting your personal

Finances With Credit Counseling

Taming your finances with credit counseling is actually very easy. Many people do not realize that credit counseling is more than having debt restructured. It is about learning to budget, reorganizing your debt and creating a solid financial future for yourself. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to review your situation and see a brighter outcome.

When a person has an ache or pain they visit the doctor. They look to a professional to solve their problem. The same fact remains true for legal issues. If you have a legal problem you hire an attorney. Why so many people do not feel the same way about their finances is a mystery. If you are having trouble with your money, find a professional. You can tame your finances with credit counseling.

This type of service which almost hinges on consulting will help you determine where your weak spots are as well as your strong points. A simple reorganization of how you pay your bills may be all that is needed to get back on the right track. If you are having a severe financial melt-down, you may need to restructure your debt. A debt counselor can

Credit Counseling

So who needs credit counseling? Anybody whose debt loads are running high and who are thinking of filing bankruptcy, need counseling with their finances. Counseling services are meant to negotiate with your creditor for lower payments. More and more counseling on credit services are seen as they are encouraged by the payment system that is called the ‘fair share’.

If you are able to handle your finances well and pay your bills in time you are one amongst those who don’t need counseling. But if you see your bills mounting and you are panic stricken with too much debt to handle, you can seek help from a debt counselor. There are tell-tale signs to understand when you need counseling. They are:

o When all that you think you can afford to pay is the minimums on your credit.
o You have been late with your payments on one or more of your bills.
o Collection agencies or creditors are pestering you to pay up.
o You have not been able to negotiate with your creditors for an affordable payment plan.

If your debt is too much to handle credit counseling might not help either. How

The Best Way to Reduce Debt

Many today are struggling with their finances and never know what to do. Before you throw your hands up and file for bankruptcy, look into credit counseling. It’s a great way that’s both fast and effective to help any struggling individual get rid of debt.

This method of debt elimination can do many things for you. If you pick the right company, you would be able to get your budget under control, give you several debt repayment options, and possibly avoid bankruptcy. In addition, they would also offer a one to one finance counseling to help pick you and get you back on your feet. Your creditors and agents that chase you for money would be more than willing to work with your selected consumer credit counselors because it helps them if they help you get out of debt. This is definitely a win-win situation.

By turning to credit counseling, you also get to boost your credit record. As you would be given a negotiated low interest rate and a fixed monthly payment that would suit your monthly income, you should be able to make monthly payments and avoid late fees. When your creditor sees that

What is Christian Finance

Christian Finance is a Biblically based concept to help teach believers their stewardship duties and to be a responsible Christian investor with their money. They teach Christian financial principles such as goals, budgeting, debt elimination, saving, financial management, tithing, and giving.

Why should a Christian investor consider having a Christian finance and hiring a Christian Financial service professional?

Having your finances managed by a Christian Finance professional that understands and applies Biblical truths can help you become a better and more effective steward with God’s resources. The main reason is because the investor and advisor are both Christians, they share similar values. The advisor understands Biblical principles such as tithing, budgeting, debt reduction, saving, investing and giving. After the initial interview process of numerous financial related questions, the financial advisor can identify areas of improvement for the client.

Having your Christian finances managed by a financial professional that utilizes Biblical truths can give you a peace-of-mind with your finances. If you are in debt and can only make minimum monthly payments, the last thing you need is another loan. What you need is someone to help – you need a debt management program and that’s